President: Neil Audet
Mobile: 0419 284 555

Vice President: Bill Shoesmith

Treasurer: Luke Green

Secretary: Grant Schubert
5 Claremont Avenue
Adamstown Heights 2289
Mobile: 0421 337 105

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Welcome to the Newcastle District Billiards & Snooker Association Incorporated

The Association was formed in 1962 and incorporates clubs in the Newcastle District of New South Wales (Australia) including:

Belmont 16′ Sailing Club, Cessnock Ex-Services, Kahibah Sports Club, Kurri Workers Club, Mayfield Bowling Club, Nelson Bay Community Club, Newcastle District Tennis Club, Toronto Workers Club, Wangi Workers Club, West’s Cardiff and West Wallsend Workers Club.

We organise seasonal tournaments for Snooker & Billiards which includes 5 person snooker, 3 person snooker and Over 50’s snooker and Open billiards. You can view the current league tables, fixtures and results for each tournament from the links at the top.

Should you wish to contact an Association Committee member please select from the Committee & Life Members Link.


Introducing the…



DATE: 4TH & 5TH   OCTOBER 2014

ENTRY FEE:   $75-00


No foul and miss rule applies & players mark own games

Dress regulations: trouses long sleeve shirt vest shoes. No jeans track suits   shorts or   sneakers   both   days.

Nominations subject to country players only.

Contacts : Dianne Stait 0263522741 or 0400114216 (secretary of Lithgow Workman’s club snooker)

Nominations close 1st October 14

Games commence at 9-30am

Reg Marsh Finals

Semi Final Results - Cessnock Ex-Services Club def District Park Tennis Club Titans / 3-1

Adamstown Club No.2 def Belmont 16′ Sailing Club No.2 / 3-1

Preliminary Final - Adamstown No.2 def District Park Tennis Club Titans

Grand Final - Cessnock vs Adamstown No.2 in the Grand Final 1/10/14 – Belmont 16′ Sailing Club 7pm

2014 Al Gore Shield Winners – Wangi Worker’s Club


Wangi Worker’s Club def Kurri Worker’s Club 3-2

Photo (L-R) Paul Field, John Duchatel, Cliff Allen, Cathy Small, Ray Loveridge (Captain), Greg King

Elwyn Jones Billiards Finals

Grand Final

Belmont 16′ Sailing Club No. 2 def Kahibah Cobras

 Belmont Billiards 2014

Photo (L-R) Dave Eccleston, Ian Bulmer, Mick Hill (Captain), Ian Olson, Neil Audet

Bert Agland 3-man Grand Final

Wangi Worker’s Club def Nelson Bay


Photo (L-R) John Hicks (Captain), Lawrence Bettridge, Paul Young

Rex Smith Shield (over-50s) Semi Finals

West’s Cardiff No.2 def Belmont 16′ Sailing Club No.2

West’s Cardiff No.1 def Wangi Worker’s Club

Preliminary Final

Belmont 16′ Sailing Club No.2 vs Cardiff No.2 at District Park Tennis Club 2nd October 1pm – Winner to play West Cardiff No.2 (8/10/14)

Please note: New Competition changes effective immediately:

  • The foul & miss rule will not apply to the Over 50 Rex Smith competition.
  • In the Reg Marsh & Al Gore Shield’s, the maximum start a player will give/receive will be 40 points. Handicaps will still continue to go up or down for wins or losses but start will be capped at 40 points for all matches.
  • Teams can submit that their name be changed from Adamstown No. 1 or Kahibah No. 2 to something like Adamstown All-Stars or Kahibah Kings. The Committee asks that 2 criteria be considered when choosing names: Firstly the parent clubs are ok with team changing their names and agreeable to the new name, and secondly – names be keeping with the professional image that we are trying to portray as a respectable sport.
  • Member feedback – The Committee are keen to encourage feedback from members about the direction of Newcastle snooker. We would like captains to speak to their players about concerns, suggestions, or criticisms and either write, email, or speak to a Committee person to convey feedback.
  • In order to streamline and offer alternatives captains can now take a photo with their smart phone of their results slips on the night and email or MMS to me on or 0421337105. If you haven’t got a smartphone or prefer to keep mailing then just keep doing that but send to me, not Joy at: 5 Claremont Avenue, Adamstown Heights 2289. If you have emailed/MMS the results then no need to mail.
  • The Committee would like to cut the red tape regarding substitution of players. If there have been a last minute cancellation and you can’t replace a player from within your own team then if you can use a player from the club’s second team just mark it as a substitution on the Results Slip. You no longer need prior approval but the remaining substitutions rules remain in place regarding number of times a player can be a substitute.
  • I know we are just starting a new competition but two changes have been made to the finals matches. Firstly the ‘Mercy Rule’ will only apply in first frame of a match not the first and second frames as previously – Note this is for the finals only. In round matches the ‘Mercy Rule’ will apply in the first 2 frames per usual. Secondly – Only 2 matches will start at 7pm for finals nights instead of 3. The first 2 matches will be played to conclusion before the last 3 matches go on. This is to allow all team players to participate in the finals matches and will add to the atmosphere on the night.

Season High Breaks

Reg Marsh Shield (5-Man)
Shane MatthewsAdamstown All-Stars76695351515147
Ben CooperTennis Club Titans6738
Greg SumnerBelmont 16' Sailing Club No.1614235
Phil MowbrayBelmont 16' Sailing Club No.16133
Steve BriantAdamstown All-Stars52393731
Chris MungovenAdamstown Club No.248
Brad MainBelmont 16' Sailing Club No.14440
Dale MungovenAdamstown Club No.24337
Kiah BloomfieldTennis Club Titans464131
Jason HendersonCessnock Ex-Services Club4239
Troy KearKahibah Sports No.139
Steve BoyceCessnock Ex-Services Club37
Anthony PritchardAdamstown All-Stars3636
Craig AlleyAdamstown Club No.235
Luke GreenMayfield Bowling Club No.2353430
Eric BauerKahibah Sports Club No.132
Charlie BrownAdamstown All-Stars32
Mal KirkmanMayfield Bowling Club No.230
Al Gore Shield (5-Man)
Ray FarleyKahibah Kings58
Savio PregalToronto Worker's Club No.149
Nathan MeyersWest's Cardiff No.1453330
Neil MeyersWest's Cardiff No.139
Michael NorthWest's Cardiff No.237
John GrigaitisToronto Worker's Club No.136
Ian OlsonToronto Worker's Club No.13635
Brett DennettKahibah Sports Club No.236
Mark TowardDistrict Park Tennis Club No.134
Ashley TownsendWest's Cardiff No.230
Bert Agland Shield (3-man)
Michael AshtonNelson Bay Community Club35
Jake DavisNelson Bay Community Club3531
Rex Smith Shield (Over 50)
Ian OlsonBelmont 16' Sailing Club No.244
Neil AudetBelmont 16' Sailing Club No.143
Neil MeyersWest's Cardiff No.143
Dave AtkinsonAdamstown Club41
John GearBelmont 16' Sailing Club No.138
Greg FellBelmont 16' Sailing Club No.236
Jay FirthBelmont 16' Sailing Club No.232
Steve MillerBelmont 16' Sailing Club No.231
Elwyn Jones Shield (Billiards)
Grant SchubertKahibah Sports74646360575653515151515150
Greg ReynoldsBelmont 16' Sailing Club No.15738
Rory MastersWest's Cardiff57
Joe SpiteriWest's Cardiff5753
James BaldwinBelmont 16' Sailing Club No.151514847
Savio PregalWangi Workers Club47
Mark SeymourBelmont 16' Sailing Club No.144
Dave JenkinsWest's Cardiff41
Steve MillerBelmont 16' Sailing Club No.140
Daniel BourkeBelmont 16' Sailing Club No.13937
Dave MackieWest's Cardiff3934
Craig PaulKahibah Sports Club38
Michael NorthWest's Cardiff37343231
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